Blockbuster Strategies to Keep Learning Going This Summer

Learn how you can guide families to transform everyday moments at home (especially during summer break) into “blockbuster” learning moments—packed with fun, curiosity, and creativity!

These research-tested activities and strategies can be woven into daily routines without any extra effort, making it easy for families to work together with their children to foster key academic and social-emotional skills such as time management, setting goals, and problem solving.

Exclusive Bonus Resources!
Building Blockbuster Summer Skills Worksheet

Use this worksheet to identify the critical skills you’d like families to focus on this summer and create activities that will lead to blockbuster learning moments!


Plus: Fun Videos & Anytime Activities to Share with Families

Provide families with easy ways to turn everyday moments into super fun learning moments. ParentPowered’s family engagement experts have gathered a few of their favorite videos, activities, and resource guides for you to send home with families this summer.

Provide Direct Support to Families This Summer, and All Year Long

Supporting families every week of the year with learning activities and tips is a powerful way to boost ongoing growth and engagement. ParentPowered’s low-lift, high-impact family engagement program reaches 98% of families, and was shown in a randomized controlled trial to increase student learning by 2–3 months over the course of one year. Learn more!

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