Middle School Family Engagement

The support your families have been waiting for.


"How do I help my middle schooler?”

Looping parents into the learning is part of what elementary schools do.

But once those kids get to middle school, the role of parents gets a lot less clear. For kids, for parents, and even for schools.

Which is why we've taken the evidence-based ParentPowered approach and applied it to supporting middle school families, too. To give you the only digital family engagement tool designed to set parents of adolescents up for success.

Adolescents need their parents. And those parents need your help. Because when parents ARE engaged in middle school, the gains are tremendous.

So welcome to evidence-based Middle School Family Engagement, made easy.

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Leverage the ParentPowered Approach

We know that content is only useful when it’s used. So in everything we create, we ask ourselves "how we can make it easy?"

Our access-first approach includes:

  • Crystallizing a complete curriculum into bite-sized insights and actions
  • Sequencing carefully, with strengths based messages that build on existing family routines
  • Using the most accessible technology: text message
  • Providing the program in English and Spanish, with additional languages available

The ParentPowered Approach has been shown to increase gains by 2+ months over a school year


Middle school is an exciting time of growth and independence. It’s a big transition. Which is why we're right alongside families as they navigate these essential years.

Each week we reach parents with evidence-based tips and activities for helping their middle schoolers build independence, develop strong academic skills, form friendships, make decisions and, cope with emotions. And parents also get tips for navigating the complexities of middle school engagement and their child's amazing adolescent development.

Mom & Son - Academic Supports

Academic Supports

Topics Include:

  • Growth Mindset
  • Academic Socialization & Learning Connections
  • Effective Study & Learning Skills
  • Homework
Mom & Daughter - SEL

Social Emotional Learning

Topics Include:

  • Sense of Self
  • Relationships
  • Independence & Executive Function
  • Emotions & Development
Kids at school bus

Home School Partnerships

Topics Include:

  • Reciprocal Communication
  • Attendance
  • Transitions
  • Advocacy & Involvement
Dad & Daughter - Approaches to Parenting

Approaches to Parenting

Topics Include:

  • Knowledge of Adolescent Growth & Development
  • Reflective Practices
  • Mindsets & Modeling
  • Self-Care

"Middle School is almost where parents need to put more of their energy than they did in elementary school versus less."

- Pat Lowthian, Montana Migrant Education Program 

The easiest way to support middle school families

Report Ready Data

The ParentPowered Dashboard includes research-based family engagement data that can be used to meet ESSER, Title I, and grant reporting requirements.

Download the data for your own analysis or use our presentation-ready graphs and charts. End-of-Year Impact Reports show your impact over the year and include powerful parent testimonials.

One-Click Ease

The ParentPowered Dashboard lightens your load while increasing your impact with:

  • One-click enrollment
  • Integrated messaging and surveying option
  • Presentation-quality data visualization
  • And more