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Why choose ParentPowered to promote family engagement, enrich learning, and nurture social-emotional skills?

  • Proven to make a difference. ParentPowered’s approach has been shown to increase learning by 2+ months in one school year.
  • Convenient. You’ll receive text-only messages straight to your cell phone. Our sample messages will show you exactly what families receive.
  • Easy and fun. Texts are delivered 3x a week, with tips and activities that fit seamlessly into families’ day-to-day routines. Each text message is short and easy to comprehend.
  • Age appropriate. Messages are tailored specifically for each child’s age and developmental stage.
  • Available in multiple languages: English, Español, 中国人, عربي, Tiếng Việt, Hmong, Русский, Polski, and မြန်မာ.

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93% of parents say that ParentPowered helped make learning a part of every day.

97% of families who receive ParentPowered's weekly text messages report that the program helped strengthen their relationship with their child. 

92% of families report increased confidence in their ability to support their child’s learning.

Language - Toddler - English
Domain — Language
Curriculum — Core Toddler and Infant
Domain — Social Emotional Learning
Curriculum — Preschool
SoR _ 1st _ Fluency
Domain – Literacy
Curriculum — Core Elementary School
Middle School - homework
Domain – Academic Support
Curriculum — Core Middle School 
High - Supporting Attendance
Domain – Home-School Partnership
Curriculum — Core High School 

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