Welcome to School in the US

What’s Inside?

Students thrive when their families are able to engage at schools. There are so many barriers to navigating the school system. This is especially true for families who are new to the United States.

We want to remove that barrier, and so we've developed this guide to navigating schools: know the importance of attendance, communication with teachers and school staff, and how to be involved. 

Welcome to School in the United States helps families and is available in English, Spanish, Dari and Pashto! Like all ParentPowered shareables, it's designed to be read on any device. So your families can use it wherever they are, whenever they need the support.

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Engage Families

Are you looking for a way to keep families engaged this summer and beyond? Check out our digital family engagement curricula, delivered via text. This easy solution helps reach 98% of families and was shown in a  randomized controlled trial to increase student learning by 2-3 months over one year.